A must read page before joining OLSC Italy.

Public Service Annoucement to everyone getting in touch:

Last update: August 2022.

Or those who consider a match ticket (possibly in the Kop) a given after joining our Branch “for me and my group of friends and family” . . .

This is not how things work. Our OLSC has rapidly grown over the last few years as far as the number of members is concerned, but the number of tickets given to us stay the same. We are currently testing the waters for alternative ways to get our hands on tickets.

An option is to buy Hospitality tickets, they are significantly more expensive but a match ticket is guaranteed. Furthermore, we will be able to provide more information about possible Match + Hotel pakcages created by Tour Operators. Finally, as a OLSC, as group of people driven by passion, we will try our very best, every single one of us, to buy tickets for every match available. This way, possibilities increase for everyone.

The motto is Unity is Strength. The past two seasons, many of our members, even those up the seniority hierarchy, were not able to get a single ticket for the first time ever. It will only get harder as years go by, so we have to try everything.

As the Official Italian Branch we must provide everyone a fair chance at a ticket, this is instructed to us by the club, but we must also prioritise those who truly support Liverpool FC and work hard for out OLSC, compared to those who just want to tick something off their bucket list or save money on a ticket.

With that being said, we KINDLY ASK you to get in touch before you join our OLSC. We will try to find the best solution for every party involved.

The Board