From 1999 up to the present day: here’s how Official Liverpool Supporters Club Italy was born.


We are simply a group of people that love Liverpool FC. Our love for this massive club goes beyond the geographical borders. We are not satisfied with the news we get in our country. We are always looking for something more, that can fuel our passion; which also leads us to find likeminded people.


Everything began back in 1999. Filippo Rossi should be the one writing this, because he was the first one to believe in this project. Disclaimer: he is very much alive; but life gets in the way and he just doesn’t have to time to manage everything that has to do with our Branch the way he used to. This only proves his character because he wisely backed out. It is important to state that the same goes for Selene Scarsi and all the people, for many different reasons, that drifted away in time. OLSC Italy is, and will always be, their home; ready to welcome them back with open arms.

Mr. Charles Taylor is a significant person that deserves a chapter of his own: life works in mysterious ways and at some point in his, he lived for a short period of time in Grottaminarda (Avellino, Campania). A member of the International Liverpool Supporters Club, he was introduced to us by Suzanne Elliot. He held a Kop season ticket from the 1950s: an authentic walking encyclopedia. He became the Honorary President of our Branch straight away. Sadly, Charles passed away on April 8th, 2019. He helped us restablish a relationship with the club, which proved to be vital in acquiring the official status as a OLSC once again. He left a huge void in us all and his last away day with us in Naples in October 2018 was the last chance we got to be together and enjoy his presence.

Farewell Charles. Your memory will always live in us. . . You’ll Never Walk Alone. 

The “Treble” years in 2001 became the best to date, with our OLSC counting almost 100 members. Our quarterly fanzine “The Reds” was introduced for the first time – a huge hit that featured remarkable journalists like Roberto Beccantini.


By 2007, everything was slowly falling apart but Filippo and I decided to change direction. Thanks to my own optimism and the willingness to avoid throwing away years of hard work, we got back up; also thanks to the members of the “British Forum” who lately became members of our OLSC, and my friends, too: Andrea Ciccotosto (our Vicepresident), Davide Pezzetti, Walter Randazzo, Francesco Veneri (founder of the defunct, Ronny Membrini, Francesco Orsolini and Riccardo Leone. It’s thanks to their support and spirit that our Branch flourishes more and more every day.


In recent years, I’ve had the pleasure to meet Stefano Iaconis alias RW64 (a fellow Neapolitan) – who used to write for Francesco Veneri’s Walter Randazzo and Armando Todino are part of our editorial board and take care of our pre and post-match articles. Claudio BoffaTarlatta becomes our Secretary, making sure the communications between us and the club run smoothly. Another important member of our OLSC is Massimo Mascheroni, the Northern Italy Representative as well as the manager of our football team – a lighthouse for us all. At the end of season 19/20, we started the Live Streams project, always to help our Branch grow and become better and better – captained by vicepresident Andrea Ciccotosto, supported by: Benedetta Tello (senior graphic designer, director and our new webmaster alongside Riccardo Leone), Giorgio Capodaglio (a legend of our supporters club), Aldo Meola (owner of the unofficial OLSC Italy home), new entry Alice Protti and last but not least my daughter Claudia Esposito (our Instagram manager).

We have a big project in mind and our biggest goal is to gather as many people, who love Liverpool as much as we do, as possible.

Hopefully people will join us in the coming years to tell their stories and share their passion with us; because You’ll Never Walk Alone is more than just a motto… It’s a way of life.

President Nunzio Esposito