Some important rules that need to be followed.

If there’s a breach of regulations, our moderators/Board members will take action.


  • 1. It is strictly forbidden to insult other members of our OLSC; be kind, we’re all trying to have fun. There’s a fine line between a simple joke and a proper insult. Let’s not cross that line.
  • 2. Respect other members’ privacy: do not spread phone numbers, addresses, pictures, private messages, etc., without consent.
  • 3. Targeted attacks won’t be tolerated: you can disagree on ideals, but never attack the others. Neither members nor moderators/Board members are allowed to personally attack members of the groups, regardless of their rank in our Branch.
  • 4. Avoid comments or posts about Italian teams at all costs, as many members support or like said teams. One must only discuss about Liverpool.
  • 5. Racism of ANY kind is forbidden. It will be up to and only up to the moderators and/or the Board members to establish when lines get crossed and take action.
  • 6. Everyone is responsible for their behaviour in regards to moderators and/or Board members without causing issues to them, considering the possibility of censorship follows but only after offensive language has been reported. In no way can the possibility of a second check be intended as a permission to damage the other.
  • 7. While discussing a certain topic, Off Topic (OT) messages aren’t wanted. Facebook and WhatsApp groups moderators have the capacity to delete those messages or to report them to members who do not follow the rules.
  • 8. Should a member be subjected to hate speech via private messages, they have every right to report them to a member of the Board; asking them to take action.
  • 9. Publishing pornographic content of any kind is severely forbidden, as is blasphemy. It will be up to the moderators or members of the Board to set boundaries. Facebook and WhatsApp groups must be able to be read by anyone, anywhere.
  • 10. It is absolutely forbidden to publish serial codes of commerical programmes or shortcuts to websites linked to piracy of any kind.
  • 11. Using our Facebook and WhatsApp groups as a means to promote one’s own work is forbidden. Any attempt of any kind of spamm will be reported to the authorities.


  • Always try to send messages to the right groups and avoid going Off Topic.
  • In our groups, we talk above all about football; but sometimes about something else, too. Remember that every discussion is meant to be constructive and not a way to start a fight.
  • Random news or, better, gossip, without a reliable and certified source, that only stir people up and create uncomfortable environments, will be banned. Try to always verify the source of what you share with others.


  • Any message that goes against the aforementioned rules will be modified or deleted without warning.
  • Should a member be disrespectful and go against the rules, they will be officially alerted by a moderator or a Board member about it.
  • Should the same member ignore said alert and continue to be disrespectful and inconsiderate, thus still going against the rules, they will be sanctioned in one of the following ways: a simple reprimand, temporary ejection or definitive ejection. In bad circumstances, a definitive ejection will be immediate.
  • Should violations be different, our staff (moderators + Board members) will be involved and the fate of the member will be decided with the majority rule (50% + 1).
  • Violating the rules will result in a warning. A second warning will mean the member will be indefinitely ejected. In bad circumstances, a member will be ejected without a single warning.
  • Should an ejected OLSC member try to join again and be identified by moderators or a member of the Board, they will once again be sent away.
  • Should the same member try to join again multiple times, with the sole intention of disrupting, they will be reported to the authorities.