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Following the multiple requests we have received, here are some important “unofficial” rules that should be taken into consideration before joining:

  • OLSC Italy is not just a way to get to Anfield, but many other things: it’s about passions, friendship and a sense of belonging, among other things.
  • It’s not all about joining or the membership or requesting tickets just to then say goodbye and never speak again. It doesn’t work like that.
  • It is not our intention to give tickets to this kind of people, opposed to those who work hard and truly care about our club. We must prioritise those who actively do something for our Branch.
  • Last but not least: it is infinitely wrong to get in touch just for tickets, with the presumption that tickets for important games like United and Everton are available. Many of our members wait years for those tickets. Before joining, please carefully read all about the distribution of our tickets.
  • It is also advised to check out our FAQ page.
  • First and foremost, you must join Liverpool FC’s official Membership.
  • Two options are available: Light (without gadgets) or Full (with gadgets) – both gave access to tickets.
  • PLEASE NOTE: NOT THE INTERNATIONAL ONE – it does NOT give access to tickets.

OUR NEW 2021/2022 CARDS

  • For the 2021/2022 season, we decided to introduce new cards which will last three years. They will shipped by the end of October (or, hopefully, distributed at our next gathering).
  • As usual, the seniority hierarchy established in our previous season is unchanged as far as the distribution of tickets is concerned: the cards won’t bear a name, but it is important to specify whether yours is a GOLD or RED renewal.
  • Gold: access to tickets granted.
  • Red: no access to tickets.
Here’s how to join the Official Liverpool Supporters Club Italy:


Aforementioned information taken into account, the OLSC declares:

  • One must possess Liverpool FC’s Official Membership (either Light or Full) to be taken into considerations for trips.
  • If your membership type is International, you must turn it into a Light or Full one.
  • Our Branch won’t assign tickets to members whose membership isn’t active.


Our Board has established that fees remain unchanged for the 2021/2022 season.


GOLD (access to tickets granted):

  • € 20,00 – (€ 14,00 to join, € 4,00 into the making of the card, € 2,00 of shipping fees).

RED (no access to tickets):

  • € 15,00 – (€ 9,00 to join, € 4,00 into the making of the card, € 2,00 of shipping fees).


GOLD (access to tickets granted):

  • € 15,00 – (renewal for the full OLSC benefits).

RED (no access to tickets):

  • € 10,00 – (membership only fee).

Every member of the OLSC has to pay the RENEWAL fee despite their role in our Branch.


Our Board has decided that Liverpool FC’s Official Membership deadlines apply to our OLSC.

Our Branch has released the following deadlines for new memberships and renewal payments:

  • By August 31st.
  • Payments beyond August 31st won’t be considered for the first half of the season (still to be decided);
  • By September 30th.
  • Payments beyond September 30th won’t be considered for the second half of the season (still to be decided);.
  • Only members whose payment arrives by August 31st will be eligible to receive our card and gadget.


Please Note: State your preferred payment method in the “More Details” box.


Your personal data WILL NEVER be publicly shared.

The only people who will have access to our database, for obvious logistical reasons, are the members of our Board.

  • You will then be sent our membership card as well as a welcome letter by our President to your address.
  • You will also be periodically updated by the latter about everything that goes on in our OLSC: new members, events, etc.

President Nunzio Esposito