Official Liverpool Supporters Club Italy

Since 1999 (officially since 2002) we represent Liverpool FC supporters in Italy.

OLSC Italy

What We Do

Everyday we update our social media accounts with the latest news to keep our members updated about the Reds.

We share our passion for Liverpool FC 24/7: every single moment, on our WhatsApp and Facebook groups.

We get together, when possible, in Italy and in Liverpool – to watch or attend our beloved club’s matches together.

“It’s not just supporting: it’s a way of life.”









Why the Branch

For all of our members, joining OLSC Italy has meant finding a second family: friends to joke, cry and laugh with – all in the name of Liverpool. Here are some of the most important benefits:

  • Attending a game at Anfield
  • Joining our WhatsApp groups
  • Helping with Live Streams, Fanzine and Articles
  • Partaking in gatherings
  • Supporting all together

“My second family”

Sharing my passion with so many other likeminded people is a wonderful feeling.

AldoMedia Team

“Unique group”

Both the gatherings and the trips are incredible experiences. Joining the Branch changed my life.

FedericoGold Member

“Unforgettable experiences”

Whether it’s on WhatsApp or face-to-face, OLSC Italy guarantees quality and funny moments.

Andrea – Vicepresident

Stay up to date with:

Our latest articles


Every weekend, after the games, we go live on our social media accounts to discuss on the latest game and many more things with our members.

Our Fanzine

Our quarterly magazine packed with news, articles, trivia, interviews and many more things about the past, the present and the future of Liverpool FC.

Liverpool was made for me and I was made for Liverpool.”